Our Memory Support Program provides person-centered, activity-based care for seniors that exhibit symptoms related to internal pathological changes in the brain.

Those symptoms must affect intellectual and social abilities severely enough to interfere with daily functioning, in that it is unsafe for them to reside alone in accordance with the Illinois Supportive Living Dementia Care guidelines. We utilize the Alzheimer’s Association Life Services Network, Activity and Social Service consultants and a variety of other long-term care resources to assist us with interventions and delivering quality memory care programming.

Grand Regency of Rockford believes that every person deserves the right to live life with purpose.  Our unique Purpose Driven Programming for dementia care combines many research based concepts to support the residents we serve.  These include The Montessori approach, Validation Therapy and Structure Life skills, all of which combined have shown to improve the quality of life of those we serve.

Grand Regency of Rockford


Engaging the senses in order to help our resident’s rediscover the world around them. Providing the most effective care means maximizing the opportunities these residents have to reconnect with a world they’re losing access to. Researchers and caregivers are increasingly finding that sensory experiences created through physical activities and art or music therapy, gives loved ones positive emotions that they may have lost the ability to experience.

Validation Therapy

Validation therapy advocates that, rather than trying to bring the resident back to our reality, it is more positive to enter their reality.  We join their journey and help redirect the anxiousness and pain of the moment into something positive and productive. In this way empathy is developed with the person, building trust and a sense of security. This in turn reduces anxiety.

Life Skills

Residents participate in the life of the community.  Through Life Skill Stations, Lap Baskets and participation in the day to day operations of their home, our residents find purpose in the moment.


Through a balanced approach of individual engagement and community schedule and structure, our residents find comfort in the predictability of the day while they use of the lifelong skills that they have retained.  The consistency of the program breeds confidence and keeps anxiety to the minimum.

We offer consistent, well trained staff that believe there are countless moments and opportunities every day to engage our residents in a positive meaningful way.  It is through the core belief of the community that every person deserves purpose that the highest possible quality of life for all involved is fostered.

Services provided by Memory wellness team include:

  • Consistent nursing care 24-hours a day

  • Management of medications

  • Personal assistance with daily activities, bathing, and dressing

Additional services are:

  • Housekeeping

  • Laundry

  • Three healthy and nutritious meals daily

  • Reminders and assistance with meals and other community activities